dark matter as BLUE SHIFT: quest for relative refraction in the sky

the refraction sky problem of dark and cold matter

By Henryk Szubinski
displacement through blue + shift zones or volumes of dark matter as the type of blue spectrality without refraction

visability of refraction is possible due to some general refraction indexes from the sides of very large volumes of space time that have compacted together so that the effect is a dark zone that will refract back the photon vectors that are the same as the ones that refract back into space from the sky.
.this is generally presented here as the difference between cold and dark matter:

refraction by hardness will refract light but it will be at a hard angle Basically dark matter

and the refracted ligt will be totally invisable due to hard absorbition = hard refraction

the Earth however will refract at the soft angle and will refract with some of the light still visable


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