quest for JOURNALISM :philosophy on journalism from the moon or Mars

ever heard about Paul Brunton

article from Henryk Szubinski

basically presenting the investigations that were made during the early and mid 19 th century by lesser known journalists working on many types of approaches to concise descriptives of what was going on in the EAST and Far East as relates to Eourope during that period in Eouropean history..
The investigations concern the data on foreign cultures and their basic BASE systems of approach to the terminology of GO as what would motivate action in relation to the greater world just as the spaceshutlle represents the larger concer or cooperative of NASA as affliated to the US and its links to ESA and the KYOTO protocols.
Theese types of relations, i want the reader to understand , is the resultance of the space race at the 1/2 way point or somewhere along it in EOUROPEAN history as based on the research of eouropean and US scientists . So that what is evident right now is that the greater freeedoom that results from projects anchored in the future of the EARTH and its space explorations was derived from the basic understanding of GO or WE ARE GO FOR MAIN ENGINE IGNITION and so the relative in regards to how to LEAVE EARTH and the basic LEVERAGE OR ADVANCED possibilities that EOurope had on the US and subsequently what the US and Eourope did in thoose parameters as the basic TAKEING THE CHAANCE on concepts as basic and easy to understand as English and why the foreign or ANCIENT world has not yet adapted the ability to switch off the primal instinct of response prior to leaving a argument…due to knowledge of failure or faceing your fears as is with NASA for example and the “NO FEAR POLICY”.

well if you have youll know her started out with his travells throughout the ancient lands
basically as a journalist with some intentions to write on a corrspondance of his JOURNALS
that he wrote on his travels

the types of tradiational formats of “GO”

this is the conclusion then

EGYPT : “GO” is translated as well as the types of situations of

TIBET: is “GO” defined amongst all the variations of the term

there are about 10 such GO formats in all the worlds cultures and stands for the basic launches of the space shuttle as right

as well as some basic travels the data collected defines the types of MEDIA problems the world might have in basic INTERNATIONAL relations as related to some basic missunderstandings or problem projections towards EOUROPE

as the basic overself or the oversite on the future of space exploration to MARS
the basis of GO can be basically anything.
EU laws define the Chordis 3 and 4 freedooms of the types of go valuations in the 5th freedoom of knowledge moovement towards Chordis 6 and the 7th framework Chordis 7

BRUNTON was afterall trying to define the types of responses one can learn to make when faced with some basic missunderstandings
IT is this that defines the law of MEDIA PHILOSOPHY or the basic
JOURNALIST PHILOSOPHY of the regions in places that have very low or NOONE defined interactive basis of MEDIA

the responses can be learned by basic MEDITATION over the types of approaches to Journalism by the laws defined and set therein by some basic
theories which BRUNTON made as well as the pre basis of MEDITATION which was his own invention and basically returned home to England from where he started the QUEST as a soldier in the British army.
need to knwo about the rights and wrongs
BRUNTONS JOURNALS will define the most basic ways to define the difference by some general types of cover on the way in which the ancient world has based its relations to the modern and very old world of Eourope.


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