quest for making a globe project: positive developements for flying cars

how to make a globe in a couple of easy steps

By Henryk Szubinski

positive developements of FLYING CARS

the 4th format of rectangularity aquired for standing wave containement through

Chordis 3
4 freedooms
5th freedoom of knowledge moovement
and Chordis 7: the framework

basic experiment i had in junior class of highschool to define the evolution of EARTH by a basic model
it was pretty easy
even though noone appreciated it
I ran out of the classroom and SHUT THE DOOR REALLY HARD.
.i guess i could call it the REALLY or the PINCH

A pinch is a grip of a flexible object in which a portion is taken between two fingers or something of resemblance and squeezed so the gripped portion of the object is lifted from its normal level. By extension, that which is taken in the grip is referred to as a “pinch.”
When the fingers are used to perform a pinch, the action usually consists of the thumb and one other finger. The closer to the thumb the other finger is located, the stronger the pinch.

the first steps to make a flying car
depends on getting the same value longitudinal lift as the latitudinal lift of basic areas that will maintain integrity of spherically ity by its total volume
So that without making great alterations to 2 basic disks or more
the construct edge can be folded in and out by a basic cut in the form and then used to extend out the disk surface
this basic INDENT defines the type of oppositions of responsive gravity and the fold outs as = the basic vergance of the escape velocity at 8.8 m -2sec-3
so that the basic responsive vector maintainements of the fold out will = multiple x horizon types of the same basic law in using multiple longitude surfaces is that they can have slitts
into which the basic values of envelopement of the whole = to the volume of the sphere in its INTEGRITY.

basic ribb function of using as many levels as possible till you get the type solidity of each ehight level = longitude.

the previous attempts are not really that easy
the approach shown below is the basic warping of the spacetime
so that the basic PLUMP side looks like a fruit where the twigg went and has only one cut to define it.

pretty good i might say for the 3rd attempt and using my memory from about 20 years ago.
.when i got it at the first try in Evolution class to define the similarity of spherically based forms and the necessity of making the giant leap.

what happems when the dynamics trail is a waveform and where the standing wave generation can multiply the type independance or sovreignty of the vector dynamics that will funnel back through the tail into the standing wave maintainement so that the standing wave is stabilised into the position where it started by the particle occilations are the same as the wavefrom main generation.
.basic positional standing on solid formats of shared types of a tie fighter from starwars as well as the dynamics of the type EARTH gravity polar positionings of the basic rectangularity of the dynamics not being verged into a twist wind effect
but develops the vector stability by vector trails that are non vector sum equated to a non zero positive effect.basics of the PEASANT tilling the land by the imprints left on the ground.
.DEUTCHE engineering

wind tunnel inside a wind tunnel as generates the continuiim by standing waves

standing waves are the force that keeps the Earth in its polar orientation of NORTH and SOUTH Poles as it occilates with the same values as gravity
a basic occilational control of small and large standing waves would be the resultance of the difference in gravity between them.
.meaning anti gravity.

showing the directions of internal flow
the external flow is not a problem
the streamline problem is basic
make anything with a sleek form and trimm it down to its basics
what is the basic guarantee that this vechicle will work
well , by the usage of the lite weight of the turbine and standing wave generator.
which is inside so it will not need any stream lining.

no worries about someone picking up the hankey meant for a princess to walk on in your future land
this car will give you the feel of having the sky at your fingertipps


being EARTHEN is:
basic alteration of EARTHLY

1. Of, consisting of, or resembling earth: being a human of an earthy smell.
2. Of or characteristic of this world; being of the worldly earth.
3. Crude or off-color; indecent: an earthy jokeing to itself .
4. Hearty or uninhibited; natural: an earthy shareing of its enjoyment of life.
5. Unadorned and simple in style: an earthy homemade stew that is everywhere , that tastes like Earth.


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