sun glare: the 4th spot


By Henryk Szubinski


some of the best polarisations glasses available on the market
will let you stare in the direction of the sun without any adverse effects
though it is not recommended due to polarisation not being
accountable for higher spectra vibrations that get into your eye socket and slowly coock your eyball
into a relaxed state of muscular release
the problems with polarisation does not end at that
Some basic multi polarisations angles with 2 polarised lenses showing how polarisation occurs
lets you have a clear look at the blue sky to see whats behind the angle of refraction of basic scattering of light
through the atmosphere
but have you looked at the sun
ITS still there
many attempts at the 3rd polarisations surface will let you look at the sun in a polarisational play with the angles that make the
refraction angles alternate between bright and lower brightness

Basically what happens is the THIRD EYE problem
the brain it seems is not equiped for angular adjustemets of polarisation at the higher reaches of the sky
so that stareing at the sun for a minimal amount of time to beat the atmospherical height and level where polarisation 4 x goees into
the Earths own polarisation makes you momentarily go blind
If you have the patience and skill to physically alter the eye muscles and SQUINT with your eyes you do get
the minimal time to discern anything ahead of looking directly at the sun for enough of a look to make out if there is anything ahead
of you.
the third eye effect is based on the little dark spot in the eyeball which lets you focus and it is this focal point that
is responsible for the muscular coordinations of the eye.
So that having no dark spot is a problem. Not if youre a case of less than 10 seconds for human regulations of the
adaptations to a specific brightness of the EARTH.

the 3D difference of solar glare functions for EARTH.
as the basic solar eclipse


during the 90 s some vechicles were made with ready made polarisations windscreens meaning that the need for extra glassess or the shield that is folded out for sun blockage
This type of design was made to function with the alterability of the angle of polarisations so that the basic computer adjustements , you could lower the light intensity going through the windscreen.
This works much like a light fitting in a room with the basic dial that will reduce the intensity inside the room.

This then is the basic effects of glare in the controllable GLARE parameter.



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