A.I: shared improbability THE DECOHERENCE SWITCH

shared improbability

by Henryk Szubinski
.basis of 2 D spheres shared in outer realities and the 2D spheres of the interactive relaties between 2 basic parameters at the level of universal 2Dimensional universe and the AI recognised by computers or androids.

basically the values of the improbability of 2 objects shareing the same spacetime
while the spacetime shares 2 dimensions with the same objects.

the basic trace of all spheres has a 2D reality where any 2 points are linked by faster velocity computations in which the polarities will either be prioritised at the top or base
so that the simultaneous value polarity is the 2 D shared reality of 3 D data parameters where the A.I will function in 2D reality with the fase of the universe and the motion between the polar points.


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