superconductability at room temperature

superconductability at room temperature

By Henryk Szubinski

basically using 3 samples of room temperature volumes of H2O and slight temp increase in one and the other with a lower than room temperature basis to define the liquid H effect on the same basic matter type
as a pumice type rock which will break down by the amount of O2 inside it
as well as the m values required for the average room temp values and making the experiemnt work again in controlled situations where the m and volume Temp and remaining m values are controllable

the conductivity will be shown to have a displacability by
a left value Tem ————–S—————->towards the right higher Temp

as basic alterations to get a system interactions of the S vector by temp alterability on the left side
the controll of a current will be shown to depend on O2 amounts as well as H2O amounts of H and O2 so that the total system will work by flow of H2O reductions of friction problems.


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