stopping time:unified flat form time quest for alternations of hemispheres

QUEST FOR time stopping
By Henryk Szubinski

representing the andromeda galaxy on the left and the milky way on the right

the basics of type stop watch that will run into 1/100 th of a second as the inetrval of the thikness dimension where time will stand still and fold over the alternate side of the platform
this will define the alterations or occilations of the side that makes the fastest fold of time force
making the relationship between 2 such platform time rotations at the stillness value of time as the relations of top side and base side of the 2 relative galactic values of time.


change the side and the rotation vector direction changes

Why is this so.

if light could pass through the flat form value the time taken on the return voyage would be the amount of flipps of the sides made by the thickness value of the flat spacetime as it alters its side or hemisphere at the point where time stops.


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