ECLIPTIC universe: on exo planets in multiples and their moons

By Henryk Szubinski

when a object is set into motion in spacetime
it will need a basic push into a velocity and vector that will maintain the velocity in a minimal value of motion
enough to sustain its basic vector downwards as well as maintaining the law that it cannot reverse the angle of fall as the angle of reversed refall.
all the basics on this law are everywhere the same in the universe

But the cosmos is basically limited in the types of observations that are made in relative side views …of one gravity explanation

Namely, the side views of a multiple planet type and the vectors from our sun out to the stars in the galaxy
all have basically one difference as regards the displacement boostage into extended horizons and minimally extended horizons
Alll based on one detail; the basic angle maintainement of the object and gravity relativity of the basic moon problem
So that 2 such angles will relate to why there are eclipses .
.and the dimensionality of their basic interactions

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