electronic telescope universe

electronic telescope

By Henryk Szubinski

basically going to the old large telescope in the proximity to TOWN and getting there and back home

takes most of the time

The usage of such a large telescope is based on a steady gaze as well as the routine alterations of the dials and pulley systems
Basically a programme for the computer makes the same images available as are possible on any astronomical size telescope dissregardless of size

the data differs in the way it is located

Basically the dial is turned at 45 degrees and the focal values are used to a greater detail image and the telescope angle changes with the trakking mechanisms
So that the illusion of measurements that are basically the FIRST TIME and as such the NEW discovery
are similar to computer programmes in 3 D

The difference is the usage of the MOUSE and the left click right click values
which account for the NEW TYPES OF APPROACHES to data that progressess into computations that are DEVELOPEMENTALY valuable

So the usage of a basic trakker for mouse usage as the long / lat values of a basic motion specific
and the mouses left / right click usage on the basis of opposed motion and the usage of the displacements on the amount of focal depth of the rollling dial as well as some basics on the orientations of the image size by usage of a motion specific indicator of where the object to be displaced through a specific amount of choices on the screen and the basics of usaing a stability function for the types of 3D motion about a specific resistance point
All of theese functions on a basic record data sheet of a hours activity on making astronomical observatioons gets is feed sheets back with the angles and vectors taken and made into specific data SIMILARITIES with the types of equations made that drive the ASTROPHYSICISTS basic motivations for MIXING THE search values in the types of choices made as a image x approach value is made and its basic lim x = infinite amounts of variance controll
.the same result, in what is a electronic representation of the universe .


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