Quest for monitary union: on Media theory

Quest for the monitary union

a theory of MEDIA

By Henryk Szubinski

a type of space race value time of the relays of data as the fastest way to relate the values of EU sections on the NEWS and the broadcastings at higher responses.

basically from Chordis 3 to Chordis 7

the stabilised level interactions are based on the Media developements during the 45 period as the
pre defined values of

3———-4 and 5 as central in relations to 6————7
as the basis of the
Chordis 3 = freedoom of moovement
as well as 4 freedooms
5th freedoom of knowledge moovement
Chordis 6
and the 7th framework

the basis is the values of a basis related large sized system or a small one
as basic to the definitions of what type of centralised sequence is the fastest and its basic usability in economics of the standby system of the CHORDIS

so why was Greece indebted to the end of the 2nd world war
well basically because the spelling of DEMOCRATIS was wrong

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