large gravity developement zones: universe centrations

large gravity development zones

the centre of the universe


By Henryk Szubinski

basically the new centre of the universe is locatable by the remoovals of dark matter through the basics of triangulations and the type isocelees parameters upto the point where the centrations become visable and the basic force fields that remain in relations to the point = core of the universe + the quant dark matter reversal by positive mapping + the force field that surrounds its
basically IF all the dark matter zones in the universe were made into giant balls of plasma activity
the resultance of a centrated point of a very large central sphere would be relatable to all other such large or giant spheres of plasma so that the obvious conclöusion would be to do like Archemides

Archimedes used the method of exhaustion to approximate the value of π.

or as KEPLERS law of ORBITS

and to locate the points about a central one and to draw archs and basic orbitals for theese giant spheres to rotate in.
the point then of all rotating super spheres would be the rotating about the point of a core centre of the universe.

the force responsible for the erosion of the spheres would define its function type and charge as basic atomic types similar to elkectrons and orbitals
as well as protons and neutrons as well as the basic atomic types of BOSONS etc.

.if there is a force that is EROSIVE the basis of its parameter of action as a fase of the universes developement; the particle degenerations of the universe as a atomic model must be from the core

as such the smallest and the /largest atomic atoms = the interactive types

theese interactive or INTERVAL atoms must be related to the displacements to the outer atoms in the model where they again start to force their way into the electron type representations of the larger universal models

As such the resultance of
INTER atom 2/3 from the core + 2/3 atom INTER type from electrons =a stabilised hemisphere of POSITIVE values over the INTER value or OVER IT.


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