type 1 web phone portals

type 1 web phone PORTALS

as a scifi reality

By Henryk Szubinski

data research courtesy of Wikipedia.

BASIC PORTALS FOR WEB ON THE MOOVE AS A PREDEFINED wait portals THAT HAVE A BASIC LIMIT OF ACTIVATION ACTIVITY FOR A PASS THROUGH AND DEACTIVATE TO DEFINE THE MARKET FOR THE types of portals and specific coustomer type transactions as based on group moovements of similar vector coustomers so that the basic conglomerations of group portals will be orientated to the facilities and their most effective service stations for basic web portals

basically a portal is:basic set up of a projective usage of a satelite type verticie below it as the darg in coustomer type motions on basic streets such as vectors on the basis of the projective temporality of the alterability of the set portal web computer and the values for displacement through them.

A portal in science fiction and fantasy is a magical or technological doorway that connects two distant locations, whether separated by spacetime. It usually consists of two or more gateways, with an object entering one gateway leaving via the other instantaneously.
Places that a portal will link to include: a different spot in the same universe (in which case it might be an alternative for teleportation); a parallel world (inter-dimensional portal); the past or the future (time portal); and other planes of existence, like heaven, hell or other afterworlds. A parallel world, such as C. S. Lewis’s Wood between the Worlds may exist solely to contain multiple portals—perhaps to every parallel world in existence.
Portals are similar to the cosmological concept of a wormhole, and some portals work using wormholes.


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