VOLUME STILLNESS universe:isolated south polarity of magnetic singularities


isolated south polarity
as relates to anti gravity

By Henryk Szubinski

using basic tools to check the rotational influence of magnetism and gravity as a one magnetic polar dipolar format problem
the case for a abstract model for the experiement develops the same reality as any other real model simulation
the basis of the indirect observational laws that result from such observations are as real as the motivation to construct the law that defines the construct in real spacetime

the resultance being instantly usable on the basis of any developed theory along side the concept and giving the same precision as real systems

the theory here being the developement of the volume of a falling body as stable in relation to its position in active gravity influence but defines also the total remaining universe in relation to a stillness function of all things in a state of rest


using a basic format of a magnet as SOUTH pole isolated in the magnetic effect of the push down on its magnetic force by the momentum of angular dipping of a special section type node curve
when subject to a electrical charge the system will generate a EMF force downwards doing so it seperates the south pole by remooving the NORT pole effect and LIFTS UPWARDS

the law of VOLUMETRIC STILLNESS as relates a object in zero gravity will at every stage be in a paremeter of positional stillness to relate it to all other bodeis in the universe
as such the equated stability of all object are alterable on the basis of what defines stillness

the amount of rotations for accllerated velocities will always be slower than the slingshoot effect of a minimal angle of slibngshooting out of a system by a minimal angle as relates to the positive effect of the influence of gravity acting on it in a higher velocity deccelleration and accelleration

So that this is visably observable this law holds that the smaller the angle of release and the smaller the gravity traction on a object that has stabilised in force by accellerated positivity and its opposite, the minimal values of such interactions defines the stability of all objects in a certainty field of force which holds such objects stable in relation to the rest of the universe

basically all particle types as derived from accellerators will split or collide into newer particle types, this theory avoids such interactions by pointing to the resultance of matter and anti matter products as being the faster interactions based on the relation to inevitable gravity surfaces and the limitations of displacement by knowledge ahead of the types of divisives resulting from particle splitting and JOINING by the vector route between the basic angle and the highest possible velocities as being the early exit from a slingshoot angle rather than continuous cyclation : the particle will behave the same but will also relate to a stable velocity and its stable related garvity traction as being accellerated or accellerated into a stable gravity parameter: This makes the definition of anti matter as closer to the angle and the slingshoot parameters of a lower velocity particle type as basic observations of such reducable velocities as are related to by anti matter observations on the total and their interactive causes.


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