unified event surfaces and relativity of core gravity :inevitability fields: on dark matter


unified event surfaces and relativity of core gravity

on dark matter

By Henryk Szubinski

basic occilations between foreground stars and their background stars are the basis of the total circumference between them as the multiple vector values in which any instance of data and its LINKED secondary or tertial LINKS = the basis of IS AS defined by parameter

basically this is a inclusions field of inevitability
and is known as dark matter

due to the background of the universe being at a specific distance from the largest stars in the universe the basis of a non permeability law for the INSTANCE of EVENT HORIZONS on the super giants
this event horizon is not a layer on the outermost parameter of a star
a event horizon surface implies the super LINK to spacetime of such stars
So that the basic instance is so small that the size relations of all background parameters are instances of parameter positionings that are related to any 3 positions of a combined equative super giant and the universes background by the values of their circumferencial positions

cir s.g / cir background
=the interactive value Cir total

this is a basic singularity related value which by positionings of the resultance in the background zone will always define the same values as are related to in the cir / x ( cir y ) = z /3

If the supergiant star has a EVENT HORIZON covering its total surface then the minimal value for a singularity on its surface would be so small that the background would be relative to every point behind it as a instance superfast relation in relative orientations with what part of the event surface is isolated and made to be relative to any point in the background. So that this defines every background with each point having no permeability limit of each super minimal event horizon covering all spherical star surfaces into a relative super computatable value for where such points are in exact relativity with the positions on the event surface
the stages taken to define this triangulation are relative to drawing a radius from the core of a super giant star which is gravitationally neutral meaning that this value represents each smallest section of the surface so that any circumferencial value is currently defined in the universes background positionings.


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