article compiled by Henryk Szubinski

so far the QUEST with Paul Brunton as the MEDIA philosophy guide has shown us some pretty wild stuff
all the way from the meaning of Platos Universal form to the unknown depths of ancient civilisation.

video courtesy of WIkipedia

George Andrsons climb on half dome by the OVERSELF as the basis of ATTRACTION
as a FORCE
of a full sphere
as the basis of the Earths MEDIA FORMATS of the basic
MEDITATABLE type of real MEDITATIVE FORM in its stillness as a aquirable format of the
MEDIATIONS from left to right
as beasic solidity of the types of MEDIA reports on the category: HALF DOME

the basic response of a thought sequence of the basics of usage of alternate formats
as being
a basic representation which can only be defined as “JUST IS ”
as its impression to which the 1/2
value is the basic LINK to “ITS JUST ……..input any basic descriptive such as

the roumours during the 2nd WW were diffuse on the existance of a force. One Hournalist Philosopher had some concept to locate it by travelling to the far East and the MID EAST as Eouropean and to research the existance of the force being locatable by Meditation which was the format of knowing there is such a force . Paul Brunton defined its basis and invented MEDITATION as a format to locate the same discovery in MEDIA which is the format used here.

there is a similar half dome in Australia in the WARUMBBUNGLES a area in NSW which is a basic Vulcanic crater

this is a basic panorama
to find the half dome in the Warumbungles youll have to look closely while your trekking there ITS a bit off the beaten path and is hidden from view most of the time due to weather

The Warrumbungles is the name of a mountain range and National Park located in northern New South Wales, Australia. The nearest town to the Warrumbungles is Coonabarabran. The area is easiest accessed from the Newell Highway which is the major road link directly between Melbourne, Victoria and Brisbane, Queensland and cuts across inland New South Wales from the north to the south.
The range lies between the moist eastern coastal zone and the dryer plains to the west. Due to this position the mountains have provided protection for flora and fauna suited to both habitats. There are over 120 different bird species that have been identified on the range, including Lories and lorikeets, rosellas and parrots. In the centre of the range has served as an area of protection for a healthy and content colony of grey kangaroos. These animals have become fairly tame due to constant visitor attention and are easily approached.
The Siding Spring Observatory is situated on an eastern peak. The area has little light pollution to disturb astronomical viewing. The Warrumbungles hosted the 2006 World Rogaining Championships.



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