artificial intelligence dreaming

A.I dreaming
By Henryk Szubinski

get wired to the TV when you sleep with SENSORS placed on your cortex as basically placed where the tensions are registered as forwards and backwards on a remote controllance of the TV channels
Then watch the sequences on your computer the next day and get the computer programme that will let you input the data and to treat it by a combinations programme optional function which will run through the channels choosen and make basic image similarity COUPLINGS to the total motion vectors and the barins sensitive level of STRESS = delay
this basically uses the A:I type functinings which will work for type 1 mobility in WEB services by the basics on the total and how it is defined by the faseings so that a general topic of related materials in the CHANNELS on a specific CHANNEL programme such as MEDITATION TV with its 100 or so optional channels to pick through while you sleep
Or you could choose between DREAM INTERPRETATION programmes in their thousands as you flick through them
The basics on any LINK to the specifics of a transparent basis screen monitor that LINKS the brains cognitive values as you sleep and where this is a topic of discussions on the programme that defines it at that specific time
This then defines the type of DREAM sequencing and the software applications for the total dream data and its sequencings.
.as a uncertainty the total vector values and their multiples as in any amount by basic positive + x and any vector similarity on OPPOSED sections meaning that each image to LINK section of the film is a BOX type environment where the basics of the interelated value of volume in context = displacement by similarities will register a spacial value amount as the usage of referenced environments in which the dream value size is a related cubic input or usability of dream sequence values of interaction

will define the


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