Motion along inclines and spheres

motion on inclines and spheres

By Henryk Szubinski.

the area at angles to motion can be flat in relations to the exact instance of the vechicle being at such angles that relates to the angle used to displace without alteration of this general agle of motion between two points on a sphere

the basis is one very minimal LINK by one theory on the usage of a vechicle related to its applications where the unified sphere is dependant on the special EARTH theory of its unified sphericality by 1/2 sectioned relativity
The same law can be used on special flying car laws that are relative to the same basis of a special EARTH relative theory.

if the data on the dimensional rrelation on 3 D basis of any similar incline LINK, is defined as a vechicle in itself a 3D thing, the relations between them clearly shows that they are both capable of motion in relation to the 3D of spheres such as our Earth.

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