A.I artificial focality of memories

A.I focal point

By Henryk Szubinski

capture a human moment
which of the two is currently here and

what is the similarity of the two
the HUMAN EYE is

How does one design a human eye
ONE has to design a camera

How does such a camera look into the past and into the future
DESIGN IT and film from a far vantage point

reasons for the distance being beyond our own parameter

a basic focal function of any spacetime dialation of a central vortex occurs in the EXTERIOR REALM of galaxies

as such a vortex is a function of a data recordinve function just like a sattelite can link a thinker to the distance it has travvelled at the same time as the distance that seperates us from the stars by light years

in the greatest such parameter being in the exterior

such as the ANDROMEDA looking at us

giving us the power to relate to a recordive function , know memories,…… to be human. and to feel that the recording continues beyond the knowledge that it is already recording.

.what is currently here is the basic moment of memory to remember at which of the two one can relive a moment as seen through the eyes of a ANDROMEDA camera .


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