works of fiction quest: sound A.I

sound of artificial intelligence

By Henryk Szubinski


a lot of GOA tracks, RAVE and so on , are based on SCIFI sound effects that later developed into the sound effects being a part of a track in repeat mode

So that to get the effects of metallic or future types of sounds the audial segments were shortened accellerated or put into a beat , this can still be done and developed into newer forms of
works much like the distinct sound of Jon Hassllle and Brian Eno who record scifi sounding audio and clipp and paste them back into their environment as a basic interactive usage without limitations

Works of Fiction are the basis of the explanation of QUEST
but to get the sound of Quest to get better or even to advance it into SCIFI sounds the basic BUY OUR OWN Cd with sound effects for movies can be got anywhere on the web
the basis is still that the scientific basis of fictional works are the basis of scifi futures much like Arthur C Clarke and how to loop a sound environment by satellite examples of why the earth is a sphere and as such connectable
,be it A.I or the artificial World

a lot of 4th worlds music has been done this way to modify the sound environement as close as possible to the 4th world of ledgendary civilisations beyond the 3rd world as the available space
known and unknown in a increasing volume of fictional worlds of a pre civilisation and the basic spacetime effcts on a world just a few steps back and filled as a artificial environement based on the thouhgts or ceremonies of the older than old and develops into spacetime of the future and can be compared due to the same spacetime volume ahead and into the spacerace, the exploration of space and the adventure seekers bound for new and usable artificial environments

and to mix electronic trumpets and the digital revolution of sounds as being everywhere simultaneously


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