backgammond and galaxies

fictional article
By Henryk Szubinski

Video courtesy of Youtube

can backgammond be a type of exo planetary or galactic startegy game related to the Andromeda galaxy or even as a FORWARD the FOUNDATION SERIES by Isaac Asimoov type 3 laws of robotics when youre playing against a A.I computer

basically to retreive time you must function like a clock to do so you also must define the new time, back into the game or through it

basically the higher the time value on the face of a clock, the greater is the chance of actually simulating real time and avoid falling or not

gravity as a value of fallen gee values as defined by gravity and time in a basic level of the motion envelopements of a universal related type of displacement into a curvature variance of a angle increase between the basic points of a related drop in the objective of the gravity as a opposed force in which the total h = the gravity as a accellerated type of force that remains as a opposed force and its vector trace
so that the basic positional displacement SETS will always leave a trace on the PICK UP POINT of the 1/2 g = previous angle UPP by the angle down as a basic opposed tan angle triangulations of the inclines and their opposed force of a type resistance in which the basic fall height = the amount of BIT values in which the totals are divisiable by 2 on the whole SET amount
as such it will define a

pre angle upp

1/4 x 1/4 = 1/8 h

basically 2x ( angle1 + angle 2)
defines the total spread on any left hemisphere drop by the force pushing on it from the opposed left hemisphere in a action &/or reaction set

that is artificial INtelligence

the secret of AIKIKI


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