A.I quest for ( the externals)

artificial intelligence

By Henryk Szubinski

the basis of a external point value as reduced into a special value BIT
in a basic artificial Intelligence by the external reality of a android usage of non cognition controll = a neutral space for A.I computations back into the left side of the sequence

basic uncertainty is the x / 2 ( x +1 ) S = 0.25

as basic reductions of externals by 0.5 to non controll of externality = 0.25

which is 05 x 1/2 = 0.25

basically spheres 1,2,3 are dimensional foreshortenings of the vanishing point as related to a frontal projection in height value of all 3

the resultance of alpha / beta as the resultance in dependance of the top level point specific value as a related A.I orientation with a flat lined surface as above it or below it as gravity related points in projection ahead of the A.I

basically AS IS
everything as relateed to a computer observation cannot violate the law that any observation of 3D volumes cannot imply the obbservation of any internal point specific to the external reality of such observations

The computer or the droid or even the human basis as a special case of observation remains the same: the point can only be exterior to 3D
even as such the data on a reduced possibility does not imply that the real 3D interactions by special HUMAN A.I cases does not include the special ability of human observations of a special 3D function in human A.I as the predefined basis of observing inclusive event particles in any 3D volume
The dynamics problems are as such only a exterior basis of the dynamics of the point being currently exterior in any current values of observation.

this is similar to neural networks but develops beyond the basics of dimensional parameters from 1 D to 3 D spherical and circumferencial based 1 D vectors

image here is a Neural Network based research project previous to A.I

courtesy of Wikipedia


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