quest: the reapparency of MEDIA involvancies

what is the monkey and the snake



Medialism describes the method, in various modes of design, of employing the most centrist point of view available in order to create a project most thoroughly in sync with the average paradigm of the relevant socio-historical context. As a specific movement in the arts, it is identified as a simultaneous reaction to minimalism and to neo-expressionist maximalism.

THE low down IS WELL KNOWN IN THE power nation of the world


the Eourope of 1930s and onwards has encountered this format of representation before
and knows the future is a data collective media as reaching a minimal level saturation where basically the only thing that occurs is the amount of data reaching its limit

The repporter has the same amount of work to work with so that the media repporter has a basic work alternation on defining the events in occurance about the world
as well as collecting data upto a special point limit

basic philosophy ofthe limitation x = the role of the journalist as the worker in this type of zone

There are many such multiples everywhere where there are ancient civilisations that maintain their own duality without recourse for eouropean philosophy
as such Eourope rules the world of philosophy not duality as is apparent in the ancient civilisations reaching out for help to the Media world and not their own Political basis on Philosophy.

the reasons why they reappear in the MEDIA world has been defined as the open MEDIA space for all humans

the reappearance was easily predictable by the old Eouropean formats of JOURNALISM as Philosophical and defined as MEDITATION


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