Sleep and STARWARS


article compiled by Henryk Szubinski



BEING THE OPTIONS TO SEPERATE THE PAST AND THE FUTURE the pushing aside of force by the resultance of a free space is most easily seen with the GUNGANS who live in examples of this SYMBIOSIS of the bubbles underwater
clear examples of type 1 = pushing aside of volumes of H2O (f)
type 2 =basic increase of the xetrnal volume of H2O (f)
type 3 = the resultance of a bubble under water which will not oppose the law of the surface of a bubble in relatios to which part of the 1,2,3 stages it is in
as such no alteration of nature has occured by simple usage of H2O technology
Basically Earth is in type 1 right now
ALL IT NEEDS is the pushing aside of some time and money to make the dynamics a real interaction with BIOLOGY and the natural eco system.

.types 1,2,3 MEans BUILDING THEM UNDERWATER to avoid the current problems of dry land constructs
basically to INSULATE the effect the materials and construction occurs under water.


.many Jedis could see the future by the power of sleep


Basically IF YOU do not want to be as active as would imply belonging to a type guarded thought which represents PHILOSOPHY
this type of realm is similar to the power of the FORCE from STARWARS
wherein the JEDI cannot be active in the dark side at the time of a planetary NIGHT SIDE
but can be active in fighting the dark side by engageing the dark JEDIS

This law cannot be broken and is the way of the force

the basics of sleep are basic to a TURNIN on the days activity and basically defines the TURNING to the LITE SIDE of the FORCE or turning against the DARK side by some basics on the SCIFI potentials of the mindset that is basically similar to A.I artificial Intelligence : as the basis for Meditation with the basics of being a VERGANCE in the FORCE like Anakin Skywalker and the balance given by the MEDITATIVE SYSTEMS of being in tune with the basic latent power of the force as the RELAX mode

Will assist and guide you through troubles by confrontations with dark side by maintaining a cool mind
Also will give the types of rewards you might need by reaching out with your senses If there is something that has slipped your mind
IS EASILY retreivable by SLEEP
as basic as it sounds DO not feel anger hate or fear…in the basics of the types of meditations over the levels of the type of UNIVERSAL BINDING force everywhere present as the delays between intelligent humans
as well as the basics of the meditational ability to understand at a more basic level of meditation with intelligent computers and the extra human systems where a clear mind set for understanding is something like MEDITATION
Most of slee is about lower levels of audial HUMM much like a lite sabre.

basically the repetitive formats of recognising something to stay away from by choice of a different TRIANGULATIVE SET concept will basically define the DELAYS in the Earths rotation from night into day
So to wait a while to get to night might be a REACH OUT and feel the force
where the nightime waiting for day is similar to REACHING out to the force
The basic multiples are
that the basic laws and their implied values as return responsive will basically indicate a inclusive zone where the basics on the amount of basic limitations and their responsive types of generations of POWER in STORE as well as the basics on dividing the conceptuality into a more nEUTRAL format for the basics on the acceptability of the generations of problems in another time.
.the basics of the philosophy of rest as a MEDITATIONAL Experience and the advantages of OVER THE EARTH BUSINESS as related to economical viability of the DELAY problems wherein a lower economical basis of interaction with a larger business needs only to sleep and wait for the BALANCE IN THE FORCE.

The Philosophy of Sleep:
The Views of Descartes, Locke and Leibniz
James Hill
In the last decade or so consciousness has once again become a focus of interest in
philosophy of mind, but so far sleep has barely been mentioned. Sleep raises special
issues for any theory of consciousness. By this I am not referring to dreams and the
sceptical difficulties that surround them – those difficulties always attract at least a
moderate amount of attention. I am referring to dreamless sleep, the dark episodes of
the mind that seem to leave no trace in us. In the seventeenth century there was lively
controversy over the nature of dreamless sleep and philosophers attempted to
incorporate their understanding of sleep into a more general view of the mind and
consciousness. Here we will explore and contrast three philosophical accounts of
sleep – those of Descartes, Locke and Leibniz – before assessing some of the
problems and insights the debate about sleep provides for an understanding of


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