S.E.T.I: type 1 web phones

basic problems of current S.E.T.I

By Henryk Szubinski


the search does not include a type PRICE level of value
as such the basic interactions on the basis of a value system
is problematic
BUT A SIGNAL CAN BE SENT with the data as attractive
to the location and interactive communications on the basic level

the level law is as follows

based on the external and its total value= the non cognitive rule
of controallance of all and any data by the external SENTIENT senses
= the basis of externally related to interactions of NON BIO PHYSICAL boundaries
but the basic STORE OF DATA as retreivability on the basis of NON COGNITIVE FORCE

as such a law with all data compliance is based on 3 laws

law 1)

external non

law 2 )
is based on:
cognition non overself

law 3 )

response abuse relays to law 1

the motivations are based on LAW 2)

SETI phone over to home alone

SETI : phone over at some value in a parameter of home alone

basis of value : the aquired basis of any value is not lost

there is a need to share or there is
question: What would the response be

as the current problems of TYPE 1 WEB PHONES in non usage the developements of type 1 Phones would incorporate the same laws as are basic in value for any interstellar connection or LINK on the type 1 WEB
as such the value is a exchange system based on the response anticipations of the users by the data sent and the data responded to.

Sensitivity vs range for SETI radio searches. The diagonal lnes show transmitters of different effective powers. The X axis is the sensitivity of the search. The Y axis on the right is the range in light years, and on the left is the number of sun-like stars within this range. The vertical line labeled SS is the typical sensitivity achieved by a full sky search, such as BETA above. The vertical line labeled TS is the typical sensitivity achieved by a targeted search such as Phoenix.[13

laws 1—————————————–2—————————————3 based on type 1 WEB PHONE sensitivity

the problems of a link up on a type 1 web phone implies that the connection to the receiver is a virtual universe of possible connections in current working by the recipient or as in immersion as the many possibilities of what the receiver is doing prior to making a LINKUP . So that the basics are defined in the sentence that makes the request as a search type message which sounds much like


basically meaning that the rrequest os for a later call on the basis of a message left on the recording as well as the basis of defining the lower level of interactions of the receiver to define the specific amount of connections.


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