BROWN SPECTRA and the Universe

by Henryk Szubinski

images by HUBBLE SITE

Jet in the Carina Nebula taken with Hubble’s WFC3 detector

Object Name: Jet in Carina

Image Type: Astronomical

Credit: NASA, ESA, and the Hubble SM4 ERO Team

basically the spectrum for elements was and still is missing the special theory of why the BROWN DWARF status of the space and its probable zone of old brown dwars in the matter of stellar space as littered throught the zones where there were once great stars.. This type of dark space is known as dark matter and has the same imprint value as the old giants of their breakdwon into the smaller particle components of what is defined as black body objects

Basically the brown giants = black body objects
must have a basic
cold matter = minimal stellar matter in the faseing between states
so that the opaquity of such zones share the same matte type functions with their glossy neighbours

as such the basics of a flat value on the brown giants and the types of matte flatness as well as the basic opaquity of a difficult zone to locate the types of spectral uncertainties by experiments on what the basic impulse there is for the luminescence of brown dwarfs to scatter light into specific brown DWARS and their size discrepancy on Brown Giants

So that the basic element and its size could account for giant elements and smaller dwarf elements

Where the whole theory on the uncertainty of the type of BROWN GIANT is fased into the interactive amount of spectral value meaning that a brown DWARF can be in DWARF sized spectral representations of a higher luminescence than a brown GIANT and its GIANT spectral value meaning it has greater dispersal of the spectrum in the BROWN zone.

When the electrons in the atom are excited, for example by being heated, the additional energy pushes the electrons to higher energy orbitals. When the electrons fall back down and leave the excited state, energy is re-emitted in the form of a photon. The wavelength (or equivalently, frequency) of the photon is determined by the difference in energy between the two states. These emitted photons form the element’s emission spectrum.
The fact that only certain colors appear in an element’s atomic emission spectrum means that only certain frequencies of light are emitted. Each of these frequencies are related to energy by the formula:
Ephoton = h ν,


well basically between GIANT / DWARF levels of

GIANT dispersal of spectra fragements

the basic G high / D low

defines the distribution between black body objects by their BROWN SPECTRA values as being evenly distributed on a larger scale of comparatives made with dark areas of the UNIVERSE where the distributional spectra objects of smaller stellar objects D low = small size
is seperated by the dark or cold matter zones where
G high is brown spectra on the larger objects in distribution would need the background spectra values of the expanded zones of small spectral photon BENDERS into the foreground of larger photon BENDERS or visa versa

the basics of this as the type of BLOCKING OFF or its background where the spectrality registers as the BURNING or combusions of matter elements by FUSION which is not the case

THIS is a blanket for basic COMBUSTION and its foreground is not as such a effect of fusion; it is the basic COMBUSTION of larger volumes of stellar matter than the basic levels of related wastage in which all the basic component elements are ordered in the early BURN exeperiments of basic CHEMISTRY labs and the spectral ordering of the elements by spectra
ITS JUST that we have not had such a large experimental background and foreground on elemental BURNS values
So the basic levels of combustion are as simple as the data on the amount of generalisations where the lim x of the dimensionality starts to play a decisive role in the amount of basic and necessary volumes for combustion not by elemental burning , but the photons displaceing through them as the indicators of the basic limits in the displacements of smaller and larger amounts of photon interactions as the total UNIVERSE and the COMBUSTION law
which defines the UNIVERSE AS a TOTAL COMBUSTION experiment without any limits on the amount of spacetime or any limiutations on the foreground or background levels of matter dispersals or distributions in the opposite fields of their combinative pressure and heat generative combustion on the alternate side of the expanding universe and its history.

A NASA Hubble Space Telescope “true color” mosaic image of a small portion of the Orion Nebula, taken the Wide Field and Planetary Camera (in wide field mode).

Hubble shows a wealth of detail never seen before in the nebula. New features include: elongated objects oriented on the brightest stars in this region (which are located just off the edge of the picture); rapidly expanding plumes of material around young stars; and protoplanetary disks.

This color photograph is a composite of separate images taken at the wavelengths of three abundant elements in the nebula: Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen. The images were taken August 13 and 14, 1991.

The image is 1.29 light-years across.

Object Name: Orion Nebula

Image Type: Astronomical

Credit: C.R. O’Dell (Rice University), and NASA


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