directing SCI FI : SCIFI reality , green screens ;scenography as scientific method

by Henryk Szubinski

AND BASIC SCENORGRAPHY of a example image of a future city scape and how to create a atmosphere

image of cat and flying motorbike by

foreground seperates up

basically the type of foreground will base the foreground in relations to a displacability on which
there are motion vectors and their as the seperations of the laws of basic data in the function to
access such a 3D space and to be inside it as the basics of more of the same being a format for the types of constructs and their
lim x = scene time where the basic motivation is a chase scene for example

so that the foreground and the background are both green screen the angle will define the foreground being lifted and the background being lowered. Basically


can green screens be used as a SCI FI reality application

the basic problem is; the vector out of a open parameter can only seperate out at right angles to the point by 1 such set values of the x and y

so how can the #D reality of scifi reality be defined as the functions of WHY .




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