flying car : motion of UNIVERSE horizons : hard buoyancy curves


observations in motion

universal horizon height

By Henryk Szubinski

HARD BUOYANCY of state 4 H2O = plasma as a superconductability at room temperature by x 4 faster circuit solenoids

this theory relates to the distance between objects as seen from the perspective of the observer in motion as a increased space between the observer and the object being observed as in a area at a angle to the position of the object on its basic multi related seperations of height into a higher position or a lower one

the height problem is part of the basic curvature ofthe spherical EARTH and concerns all spherical objects and their basis of a observer being in a higher reference parameter as relates to the object

This theory will define the basis of OCHEONOGRAPHIC problems of the sea level being the equative height values where the highest value object in water = 2x its total sum of the highest object above surface as = to the alterations between the height of the incline from a sea level value as well as being opposed by the height downwards or upwards from the position of a parameter on sea levels or just below it.
.TYPE 1,2,3 technology of H2O

the additional positive developments of the theory are related to the incline definitions of a basic curvature variance of a parallell relative parameter


basically the height discrepancy is a 1/2 solenoid value of the related gravity in sectionbs as seperated 1/2 Circumferences of the basic wire problem as relates to the vector parallells of the incline as a format of gravity and BUIYANCY of H2O and the states of plasma gone HARDENED on the basis of H2O (p) cooling so that the seperation is a real BUOYANCY of curvature.

basic impulse friction zones are defined as the flow of dynamics from a seperate flow motivator in a swing moovement



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