flying car scrapyard :PLOW motor concept :flying car

what is a PLOW MOTOR

for a flying car
and how would it work

there is another vechicle projectioon to show where the tube and the disc would work

the basics of where the sections would work by the magnetic positives 2x in combined force together and the wire through them at the mid section between the magnetic components

the basics are then ; as relates to the constructs

by the basics of rotation PLOW MOTORS would work like a wheel, while also using the dynamics similar to a propeller, but in 2 directions only
meaning forwards and backwards

A PLOW works well on water currents

in any flow vectors possible

SO HOW is fluidity maintained for it to displace current in action &/or reaction muh like NEWTONIAN MECHANICS while also displaceing upwards

Well the need for some basic shortenings of the PLOWER is needed as well as shotenings in the dimensional values where vectors are involved in foreground and background parameters as they appear to be.

more scrap heap data on flying car components

the AI artificial Intelligence programme for boostage of the vechicle and the limits of expanded steering as being a basic expansion / contraction vector controll


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