type 1,2,3,4 H2O technology

type 1,2,3,4 H2O technology
By Henryk Szubinski

when in highschool i was asked to solve a chemical equation infront of the class
i went up to the blackboard and said simply

What if the whole equation is turned on its mirrror image

the Chemistry teacher said: That will never work
So i was told to solve it on my own
i sat down and scribbled something down
but i never showed my Chemistry teacher
20 or so years later i tried my equation again

with somewhat a attitude for greek numbers i define it as the type 1,2,3,4 H2O technology formulation

this defines the ionisation of 3500 ions in a immersed fluid sustainement = oxygen
where 2 H atoms are the sustainment of x2 = 7000 ions for a basic fase altarability of fluidity in solids = 7000 ions + positive charge
and the solid fase = 3500 positive ionic charge on the basis of the 2 layers of the H2 with the total on ion count being = 7000 + 3500
=10 500 ions as the sustainement of the H2 being surrounded by them in such a way that the positive ion charge will alternate into a total immersive buoyancy of the basic states of matter of H2O into the total for all 3 states =21 000 positive charge
this prooves that Carbon and H2O is a basic stripping of the H2O by CO so that the C gains a field of 21 000 ions in a positive charged ion sea as its 2x O
= 42 000 positive ion charge meaning that elecrolisis of a superconductability at room temperature is also causing electrolisis of the ocheans, the atmosphere, the greenhouse problem by the basics of all element ionic values in the table of elements as the type total ionic value for a electrolisis by all elements as combined into a CO SOUP.



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