scifi story script; the end computation

the end computation

By Henryk Szubinski

a short SCI FI script

the last survivors are in trouble
their space is running out
every planet known has been computerised by the computers
that run the sections on all of their prime planet retreivals
of their deceaseed
10 planets in all
all of them stored with bones to the full
NOW one computer has decided that it will not work for the system
and neither for the survivors
There are indications that the last of human kind has a chance
They have to activate the computer to bring back all of the dead , or their system goes quiet
very quiet

Basically to bring back everyone one of the characters has to pretend to be a computerr fault in the system
Bringing back everyone will be costly
The only manouvre possible is to find the computer A.I that is still half human half computer and to alter its computational path

As such IF the planets ORDER is restored the basics of all the dead will live again by the GENETIC programme that the hay wire A.I system
knows it can reactivate
BUT it has one PROBLEM
it cannot be tricked into being human so it has to be done in another way

The survivors all know that the computer can be made to aquire a displacement based on the universal programme that is activated by the oppositional character acting of the computer while it is made to define the basis of all of the universe data on the amount ofmotion in the programme
This will call for only one type of divisive problem in which all of the time remaining is slowly running out
WILL the survivors make it by changing the basis of a alteratiuon into COMPUTERISED interactive figures and make it into the basic programme sustainement mode before all the chances of delaying and stopping the computer before it realises that it will die or will it be displaced into a higher level of meditative communication with the HEROES so that all of the universes possibilities are made to define why all motion must be LINKEd to all death
As such all THAT the HERO has to do is to presuade the computer by tricking it in varous scenes that are mede up and their argumantative realities playing out OTHELLO and EINSTEIN
taking History back into a basis of BROKEN time trying to engage in intellectual arguments of astrophysics and the basic LINK of a COMPUTER CHICP open level for the PUSHING out of space with the only thing that defines SURVIVAL
one of the characters has to pretend he or she is the DEATH of COMPUTATION.
the basic problem is getting the computer programme at a specific parameter where the human characters force the computerr to tell them its secret by a character whose prime objective is to locate the programme from another area and to use a special capture device to catch the computer…This involves using trickery at the level where the convincingly real takes a hyper jump into computer graphics of different scenes and the mastery of the CONVINCIVE types of tactics which do not always WORK: meaning that at times the computerr finds out it is being tricked from a remote position and makes a REALITY JUMP into another world where it will continue running untill it is FREE. Meaning that the chase involves the DECEPTION BEING known and then unknown upto the point where it is either fooled or the universe dissapears. This invvolves drastic measures of programmability to not only BEGUILE the computer to feel HUMAN EMOTIONS but also to share them…
THE END CHASE is when the programme has become human enough to the captured in the REAL WORLD.


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