ecological wastage and time reversal: the shared problem

WASTAGE and ECOLOGICAL time reversal

the shared problem
by Henryk Szubinski.
.STORE: previous alterations into the FENCE definition

because a waste recycling is dependant on getting out of the mess

the problems of going beyond the limits of the sustainability depend on one thing

THE WASTE problem and where it ends as a causal time trap which will involve most of the people on EARTH

a causal trap is the definition of a force active in every causal trap of time ; It is a galaxy

to define the seperation of causal problems such as waste the seperation from a causal symmetry where everything has gone well needs not seperate
but our system does
The problem is basically that the greater the amount of causal seperation ; the more certain is the link with a causal trap which will seperate into a ZONE where the total limit of its WASTE FILL will equate with the problems of where the waste is going

the basics on the usage of reversal of wastage can be defined as a human giving his area a shared are problem defined here as THE FENCE
THE FENCE = the chance to either stop the wastage on the high level of deciding previous to the event of the DUMP of all wastes into the parameter where all the problems are solved or you can tell WRITE ON THE FENCE that if he puts the wastes under the rug and into your own SIDE OF THE FENCE that the reversal of the problem will equate to a wastage problem in which the higher level or the lower one is a equalisation of time
meaning that the causal trap of wastage can be reversed from the higher level after the event but the lower wastage problem under the rug can only define the problem as going in both the after effect MEANING THE FENCE HAS 2 SIDES
and the pre effect of the dump AS THE REASON FOR THE 2ND SIDE

IS : meaning that the time problem is making the vector in either direction over the fence as a problem of deciding which vector can be time reversed , left to its own state of return to rest or it can be a problem of the tension between the levels as the state of rest being the chance for your SIDE OF THE FENCE AND THE ALTERNATE SIDE
to hold on to the time it takes to reverse the problem to proove that he too had a chance to reverse time BUT THIS ONLY MEANS WRITING THE SAME MESSAGE ON HIS OWN SIDE
.in the second option noone survives , the causal trap of the galaxy as a seperated event from all other events by the wastage vector will or will not link into its own fase transferral of giving itself a chance to reverse time= by lower planetary count. our planet EARTH.

the DELPHI problem gives a solution

TO observe the other side of the fence is a part of democracy where the height of the observations can observe the problems as a developemental case for seeing over : and is democracy


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