lite sabre astrophysics

lite sabre design

By Henryk Szubinski

i tried a SCIFI approach on the light sabre of ANAKIN
which i got from Wookipedia

by using the approach of constructs towards their constrruct function as a type of FORM which was active in GREECE during its ancient period

the method has never been tried before
by a comparative method with quant gravity and gravity work

so that the basics of the data comparatives used will alter slightly for every approach


basically by using a vector generator between 2 generative cylinders is a geometrical basis for the interactive cylinder which wll define the stability of a similarity to PRISMATIC effcts of Newtonian PRISMS so that the stability will be usable on a type refraction but in the direct vectors of a crystal and the basics of recombinations into a prismatic beam; this is much like a TORCH or a telescope of a reflector type telescope but on a direct vector to the objective of the interactive generation resulting in the angular values of the surface areas generated in 3D


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