String theory: equated scale universe and A.I


By Henryk Szubinski

and the basics of the dynamics of their interactive values as shown in a natural system far from the polymer break down being the EARTH as a compound mould in a million years of plasma 0 polymers and their benzeenes which displace away from types 1,2,3 technolgies at that fase of benzeene
The theory on the polymer relations as the exchange of them by type 1,2,3 H2O relations with water in fluid state and solid state as well as plasma state.

universal evolution depends on the way you see it
in high speed all stars break off into vector strings and theese strings is what youre looking at with this video animation
as the basics of a star lead system and their interactions
by the high velocity of the same stuff we humans are made of
Basically all the vectors will look like this in about 1000 sequenced usages of the string function in a computer animations programme for this type of animations
the universe is so old youd need to see the sequences 10000000 times more to get a sense of the universe and its repetative functionings
So what happens with the andromeda galaxy is a basic opening into a new universe where this will continue depending on which string gets to displace through a very large STRING HOLE
basically a string hole will define the representation of the type of motion force that motivates the displacement of the string by basic type 1,2,3 H2O technologies

So that this representation is always a smaller definition of the REAL interactions the possibility of experiencing this sequnecing is humanly impossible at such accellerations so a minimal type of motion space displacement like this one not only gives the chip its motion sensory displacement but will define the interactions where the chip goes into flexation and derives its minimal szie as the projective type of animated STRING which will then define the types of technology in the human size and human parameters of being a stable STRING value on either end of a STRING A.I reduction into a stable size and volume of the basic possibility to displace through a galactic opening at the fase end of the universes history by being like a HUMAN that holds onto the LEECH of the size variances and makes the most basic A.I computations by the 10000000000000000type computer atom computation.

this defines the STRING as a fluid volume much like H2O where the flexations of relative sizes of the strings in accellerated and condensed time can be a volume of fluidity where the scale is increased into the fluid

this will give the basic theory of invertion of the scale between humans and the actual size of the universe in relations to human size by the fluid volume of strings as related to the opposite side of the continuiim where the iCE or solid H2O(s) defines the basic alterations of the comparative sizes or volumes of the basic interactions on the opposite end of the approach to the break down of a string in space as = H2O (s) or ice
This will not be necessary as a proof of breaking down or controllin a stars plasma values in relaity and can be easily defined by the approach from the fluid type theory which uses the H2O (f) that is there and makes basic HUMAN INCLUSION theories on how a human volume BREAKS the ice in relations to inverted types of relations to STRINGS and other types of BRANES and GLUONS etc
By basic continuation of the solid state of water the plasma state will define the amount of water in compression from the human break by the basics of the spacetime that is altered by human involvance on this side of the scale, the EARTH and defining the inclusive parameters of volume in humans as basic A.I compytations that will show the break as reduced into break SEGEMENTS = the reductions of theese BONDS between the size reductions started wioth and the HUMAN SIZE relative values for a BREAK and REBREAK of the parameter REDUCTIONS as the EXPANSION 1 = the human size and reductions of STRINGS from the x light years to 1 cm by H2O (f) alteration to BREAK into solidity

as a basic example

THE expansion follows the rule of opposites by the 2nd level = CONTRACTION of the H2O (f) BROKEN And SOLIDIFIED into ice as the basis of the 3rd opposite
as EXPANSION or REEXPANSION into breakage of the H2O (s) into plasma types
this faseing of
2 expansions + 1 contraction of reduced %x = the human volume values in BREAK values of the size discrepancies of H2O (f) to H2O (s) to H2O (p)

as the basics of using a invertion of uncertainty

the basic data on how the opposeed barriers of the vectorisations into a universal value 3 x or the basics of time in a volume G universe value
= G cubed / 3 Break delat values




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