oldest Eouropean WIZARD trade route


article by Henryk Szubinski

this article is about old wizardry and probably the best guess for a real type fantasy environement that could be in a map by a book of Donaldson or the types of interactive games made by D&D
as well as the basic limit of Eouropean history where the old stories go over a specific barrier of OLD EOUROPE by basic ledgends of a border alliance with the resto of old EOUROPE in what is known of as the first mention of the beleif systems but the last mention of the OLDER WIZARDRY SCHOOLS which went unknown upto that point and which LIVED FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS prior to being OUSTED from Eourope by a HISTORY of materialism


basically because the trade route of WIZARD LANDS basic prime relativity is = a circumferencial zone of its NATIONALITY

WIZARD LAND has been round and rounded off many times

as regards the trade settlements many a nation has used the laws theirein to alter the face of its area by point designated PORTALS into NEW trade routes.
.the KNOWLEDGE of trade routes have always been the old WIZARD WAYS of dealing with KNOWLEDGE as the main resons ffor the routes or portals through the CONCEPTS of history and the sciences by the thousands of BOOKS that went through this place and the millions of SCHOOLS that were set up by the VISITORS to EOUROPE by way of WIZARD TOWN

THE PRIORITY OF GETTING to a wizardmanual and to be the FIRST to get it was a barrier most humans could ill afford SO a priority on getting the best spells was crucial

A trade route is a logistical network identified as a series of pathways and stoppages used for the commercial transport of cargo. Allowing goods to reach distant markets, a single trade route contains long distance arteries which may further be connected to several smaller networks of commercial and non commercial transportation.[1]
Historically, the period from 1250 BCE–153 CE saw the Western Asian, Mediterranean, Chinese and Indian societies develop major transportation networks for trade.[2] Europe’s early trading routes included the Amber Road, which served as a dependable network for long distance trade.[3] Maritime trade along the Spice route became prominent during the Middle Ages; nations resorted to military means for control of this influential route.[4] During the Middle Ages organizations such as the Hanseatic League, aimed at protecting interests of the merchants and trade, also became increasingly prominent.[5]

BASIC DOORS of perception

which is


A hyperlane, also known as a hyperroute, hyperway, hyperspace route, hyperspace lane, spacelane, or trade route, was an area of space that had been deemed safe for hyperspace travel. The largest were known as super-hyperroutes.

Hyperlanes were routes through space in which a spaceship could safely travel without colliding with a body in space, or some other phenomena such as a black hole.[1] There were about eight major routes in the galaxy, with hundreds of secondary routes and thousands of minor ones. Scouting new hyperspace routes was an incredibly dangerous task for an explorer.
In many parts of the galaxy hyperlanes also involved periodic re-entry into realspace. This was so as to manually maneuver the ship towards the next hyper-point. It was in these spots that pirate raids were common. The Galactic Empire and other governments often sought to lessen this threat by constructing deep-space platforms at hyper-points. Mine fields and probe droids[2] were also deployed.

Japan has long known of the LINK to the OLDEST TRADE ROUTE by its trade with WIZARD ALTERS just over the pole and in the other side of the EARTHS FACE

Much like ledgends all the WIZARDRY on the usage of the GATE was to use wizardry to extend it by means of elasticity in the dream world so that the effect could be maintained the OLD WIZARD WORLD BECAME A PORTAL IN SPACETIME

and the greatest wizards ruled the imaginary which later became known as the GALAXY nearest our own.

basically OLD EOUROPE has a trade route a basic REPUBLICAN type of ROUTE BETWEEN THE PORTALS of the trade routes that have existed between the ANCIENT world

As such WIZARD CAPITAL is a example of the old laws of traffic and the POWER by CENTRATIONS of all the CONGLOMERATE WIZARD TOWNS economies and ECONOMICAL values for not only OBJECTS FOR SALE but the general POLITICS of the trade between the whole WIZARD world

THE GENERAL DANGERS of the PORTAL being WIZARD CAPITAL and the FAR EASTERN routes of trade from the DARK PLACES and the BLACK SEA have been around even since the old WIZARD LANDS extending dominion of POWER to theese lands and was the greatest and largest WIZARD LAND in the WIZARD world



You might imagine what kind of DEALING went on and the abuse of POWER that has plauged WIZARD LAND theough the millenia..
But one thing remains clear

a trade route cannot just dissapear and it cannot go forgotten
even as such it cannot be abused

below i have given a TRADE ROUTE LAW that has existed for a very long time basically ALWAYS and regards the law of TRAFFIC DIRECTION ALTERANCE


democratic declaration of the WIZZ

how to fall in love with love and be a wizard

change of the largest vector betwen WIZARD CAPITAL and WIZARD LAND as a vector towards the noth the south and the east and west
1/2 S = the left side of the road
as altered to
1/2 left = right side of the road

This basic alteration of the side in which traffic displaces

1 = total 1/2 s 2nd quadrance + 1/2 s 1 quadrance
meaning that the total

is singular only in the case of a alteration beyond one side as prime in relations to its state side is basically the unit of alteration
into the same value on the opposite side as being closer to WIZARD LAND
If there is no delaration of the reasons for a maintained side without alterance

disputed division

trade routes of the old republic

as well as OLD WIZARDRY

case History background

THE INQUISITION followed the NON MAINTAINEMENTS OF THE OLD PORTAL of the only TRADE ROUTES through LWOW in Poland as the DARK age of WIZARDRY and manuals as their DEALERS mooved ever so closer into EOUROPE to get at the coustomers who were there because they had no will or made no effort to be part of the trade at the PORTAL
So that the basic resultance was the TURKISH invasion of EOUROPE through the Portal LWOW and the seige of VIENNA which BARTORY king of POLAND had to save as the OLD EOUROPE WAS almost destroyed the POLES SAVED THE DAY
and the role of this TRADE ROUTE portal in the arts of WIZARDRY

The basic old EOUROPEAN a pole was a WIZARDS STAFF and KINGS WERE trained in their USAGE.


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