NEW EXPERIENCES of A.I: basis of dreams


A:I artificial Intelligence

compiled article by Henryk Szubinski

basic sequencing of data in any direction amount of intermixing by choice alone on the basis of what a visual identification can do in the relative TOTAL result in which it is used to define the position in the environment where thoose choices are made

basic law of a singularity = any data related to a Volume of events in a length of sequencial data and its basic reconstruct value on the WIDTH of the DIMENSIONAL RELATIVITY of the NEW type of space generated and its relation to ACTUAL and RELATED possibility of INTERACTIONS in general on the total a UNIVERSE is a construct of many values
The total however is the way it feels about itself

how do you combine a knowledge base for type dreaming

1) the basis of all images in any sequence of visual recognitions as based on a sequence of CONNECTED images

a) includes the facility of making choices in the recognitive images chosen for a personal type sequence of lets say 10 images while youre walking down a street or waiting in a LIBRARY

2)the image faculty of defining knowledge types as their data representations on a sheet of pronted paper, a image with data on a computer screen or the basics of a data related section in a book

b) this includes the ability to define the sequence of data as a ordered sequence of related data to the choice of a total value that basically defines your own type of sequence order to define it the way you yourself would

c) eventhough the data is OUT THERE in the street or in a shop window the types of sequences that are constructed are a basis of their total STORY value

3) The basis of using images that define the contextuality of a meaning in a dicussion or a descriptive part of a sequence of images and their story backgrounds as the available field of data on DEFINITIONS of any choosen part of a discussion on TV as the rapid USAGE of the type of VOYAGEING that you decide to make with any CHANNEL in relation to what you imagine is going on or being defined by thoose catchfrases or definitions as a rapid story telling sequence that depends totally on your choices and their basic LEARNING of how to use the sequencing as KNOWING basically
THERE IS NO LOSS in being fast or slow in HOW you relate to the multiple levels of a 100 Channel TV and the imaginative usage of a discussion that can sustain its multi levels on one level at a time
Meaning that when IT FEELS GOOD
the alteration to another channel will basically define a story : Your story

4)Everyone wants to be a part of their own story

the basics of making all theese types of sequenced orderings into a total or concise way to learn will basically work on the MIX of any of the 3 levels and their sub levels

So that in a sequence of related to data that would exactly suit yourself; the data will have many or a minimal of images + definitions+ alterations+sequenced orderance +the continuiim of multiple events happening in NOW time

4 d) the basis of using any type GROUP MEETING function of Humans who share the same values and their meanings and whose contact with is any of a billion different types of environments with other people who share the same interests

theese GROUP values are taken as the value out of the MIX in its full format when you feel satisfied
and their copied and PASTED together as you feel =sentences that you make while in the image environement anywhere in spacetime where youre in CONTACT with data and the SEARCHING for more

are made as well as the total sentence that results form the MIX and reorderance of their sequenced values

making of the places you want to go to and the types of interactive environements you need to be in or feel a unknown urge to be involved with that you only know of SUBTLY in your dreams

the millenium run sequence as related to a section and its x/y core values as the centre of the universe

IF you cannot define the theory of everything then some format of energy is present which humans are not yet using…what does this suppose . Well for one the only really unknown potential of human intelligence is DREAMING while sleeping

BUt You cannot define this while youre dreaming of it

So the format and method is the basis of a definition of reality and then to define it by the terms related to dreaming as a basic and active control on the theory which will get you to the parameter you would otherwise only dream of and to do it in the REAL world of experiences, the daily world of astrophysics.

if youve had a dream and need to know the HOWS and WHYs get in touch with


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