apples and pizzas: space conflicts

apples and pizzas
space exploration

By Henryk Szubinski

video courtesy of Youtube

images courtesy of Wikipedia

basic concept of sci fi nature OF RESPECT and the RESPECTIVE ownership or USAGE of

that the respect for apple pie is a costly relation of luxury as a component of the slice and who gets and who does not

Basically the total opposite is true and this value % then is the truth that it is this value that is actually the amount of spaceexploration

So what about the total neglect for this rule of the royal fruit on the MOON

Well basically the total opposite of the APLLE PIE is the PIZZA so what would it be like in a opposed applepie moon colony
making recepies on live TV for astronauts as the repports of nutrition values as active on EARTH or a LIVE recepie or COOK BOOK on a spacetime environment as a industry

the stemmic force of the choice opt for power in stemmic relativity


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