human gliding and the zoom theory

human gliding and the micro theory

By Henryk Szubinski
.videos by Youtube

much like a zoom function is in motion towards or away from the zoom in or zoom out; the objective motion of the lens does not touch the surface of the object zoom in spacetime

meaning that the paraglider flying like a bird with a suit can skimm the corners as close as he or she wants to basically by being the design of his own zoom function

on the basis of adjustability in the vector directions and making a decent will always work out on the detail levels of the avoidance being a function of a approached value vector

basically the uncertainty is point specific meaning that the point in upp or down vectorsiations will be exponential of the motion of the curve in any vector direction where the exponential values are a x lim = 1 the exponential curvature will be defined as the velocity and inclusive values for displacement on the basis of the theorem working for a exp 1 S = velocity / 2 as the symmetry of motion control by the point having its spherical angles all worked out previous to a glide
as a super sphere of force the way of the force seems to be everywhere

Delta-v’s in km/s for various orbital maneuvers[8][9] using conventional rockets. Red arrows show where optional aerobraking can be performed in that particular direction, black numbers give delta-v in km/s that apply in either direction.

Space access
Further information: Non-rocket spacelaunch
Transportation to orbit is often the limiting factor in space endeavours. To settle space, much cheaper launch vehicles are required, as well as a way to avoid serious damage to the atmosphere from the thousands, perhaps millions, of launches required. One possibility is the air-breathing hypersonic spaceplane under development by NASA and other organizations, both public and private. There are also proposed projects such as building a space elevator or a mass driver; or launch loops.


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