meditations with mashines and intelligences

meditation with mashines and intelligence

On a article that will sound a bit strange but the SCI FI implications are that the earliest Eouropean documantations of strange humans and Beings was a effect of the basic interest taken with the MID EAST and Tibet as regards the importations of pet animals of the exotic type


Monkeys: spider monkeys in special

Snakes: basically any type of any size

the basis of importations were the AFRICAn as well as Egyptian markets for both and many places in India were used for a global market that started to spread after the general Eouropean introductions with the Far East, the Mid East and the 3rd world East

basically the data on all 3 as the basis for a mediation of the 1 to 2 to 3
was the basis of only one Journalist interested enough to make concise studies of the formats of mind and body used

He brought it back home to Eourope and defined it as MEDITATION of the
knowledge and philosophy of the MEDIATIVE value = 2 or

any sequence of values in any order in relations to 1,2,3

the MEDITATIION system as designed was meant to define ones own reliance on the lower side of the mind as snake power etc and the monkey in regards to activity that is excessive or low as in the basic symbolism in the ancient lands nex to Eourope and to give the Meditation a boost as regards the true nature of such relations with the lower biological side of invertebrates and human ancestry as a basic science of Evolution

one of the related to external civilisations
actually Meditation as a MEDIATIVE format was used in general by the concise compressed and condensed form as the MEDIATION by Inventor of its form to be able to make ones own discrepancies alonside the history of Eourope by basic choice of whatever order of EAST form types and that the condensed materials were to give a basic condensed form of relations and responses in their most basic form to the FEEL GOOD of its basic MEDIA involvements as being ones own inner calm etc…..Data was officially defined as being Eouropean, the radio broadcasts at the time made large usage of this but some regarded the condensed formats of knowledge in this way as being a DARK side of humanity , the proposed affiatives and the Hitler episode is a sad abuse of the power of the MEDIATIVE formats for a concise way to see the otherwise perseverant MEDITATIONAL format as spherical , symbiotic, harmonised and aware of the differences and to know when the basic motivation = emotion and calm as being in too high or too low regard for the meditation and the amount of time spent meditating

another >Paul Brunton episode in history of media

hope you enjoyed reading it

Will keep in touch and publish more views on Paul Brunton in the future

By Henryk Szubinski


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