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Treknobabble is a portmanteau of “Star Trek” and “technobabble”. It is used humorously by fans of the various Star Trek television series, and disparagingly by its critics, to describe the infamous amount of pseudoscientific gibberish packed into many episodes. The term has escaped Star Trek fandom (and anti-fandom) and has become more commonly used in contexts where useless and incorrect “technical” explanations are given, typically in situations involving various pseudosciences or in science fiction writing. Piller filler is a synonym, a derivative of producer Michael Piller’s name. A similar term is wantum physics, a derivative of quantum physics, referring to science that basically accomplishes whatever the writer wants it to accomplish.
Reportedly, writers on The Next Generation and later series would add the tag “” to portions of the script where they needed some jargon inserted, which would then be assembled by a different set of staff, though this theory is disputed.[1] This undermines the traditional role of science as the inspiration for plot in science fiction, although the show was always intended to be primarily drama in the space opera style rather than straightforward science fiction.

Some Space Physics Jargon

On this page I offer some definitions of jargon from the field of space physics, along with illustrations and/or links to more information.

Dst or Dst
F10.7 or F10.7
Kp or Kp
Motion of charged particles (L shell, pitch angle, loss cone, etc.)
Dst or Dst ic

sometimes jargon is part of the complex relations of a film

such as x files

in other cases it is part of the technology made with concept design

such as Alien

This is the “storm-time disturbance” in the Earth’s magnetic field, measured by a network of magnetometer stations near the equator. During geomagnetic storms, there is a large increase in the population of moderate-energy (around 100 keV) ions in the magnetosphere, whose combined motions add up to a “ring current” around the Earth. The magnetic field produced by this current points in the opposite direction from the Earth’s internal field, and so its effect is to reduce the strength of the magnetic field measured at these magnetometers. Dst is measured in nanotesla (nT), where one Gauss is 100,000 nT; a really strong ring current can produce a field depression measured at -300 nT or even more. A webpage from the World Data Center in the UK gives references and more details.


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F10.7 or F10.7 lux

This is the flux of radio noise coming from the sun at a wavelength of 10.7 cm, measured at an observatory in Canada. It is commonly used as a proxy for solar ultraviolet output, since both ultraviolet light and radio noise come from active regions on the Sun but only the radio waves make it to the surface of Earth for convenient measurement. Thus, for example, F10.7 is used as a parameter of the NRLMSISE-00 atmospheric model, since solar ultraviolet heats up and expands the upper reaches of the atmosphere. A webpage from the World Data Center in the UK gives references and more details.

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Kp or Kp ised

This is the “planetary K index,” an average of the “K indices” observed at each of thirteen high-latitude magnetometer stations. Each station’s K index is a measure of the magnitude of irregular variations in the magnetic field observed there over a three-hour period, and ranked as 0, 0+, 1-, 1, 1+, … , 8+, 9-, or 9 from quiet to very disturbed. A webpage from the World Data Center in the UK gives references and more details.

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Motion of charged particles (L shell, pitch angle, loss cone, etc.)



both cannot register human emotion as a requirement for technical speak


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