LINK from space to Earth :what is the link as a astrophysical theory

the Theory of LINKS
made with exo planetary or Earth type planets
in orbits or outer space cosmos

By Henryk Szubinski

is there any dangerous thought that would be dangerous to think while in outer space

The type of thought linked to the LINK as mentioned in the interactions of the Mother Earth type

thoughts and the alterations of the environement as a cause &/or effect of the relation with the Earth as seen
from orbit

If so, is there some kind of barrier or a active force in the human body that activates and deactivates this type
of thought by aquired knowledgability of how to use the human body in space without harming the Earth by
the types of SYNCHRONICITY at a level where the LINK to the Earth by being Human or by realisation of the
LINK of the Earth to outer space as being the human link in developemental types of INTELLECTUAL arguments one
can have with the self as a motivationalistic type of NEED for expressionistic thought..

There have been countless SCI FI movies made on this type of Carefull extensions of the special abilities of humans
and the resultances that imply the control over this type of extensionalistic urge to NOT URGE over a specific barrier
” Or all of the Earth Goes to hell”
type of resultance wherein the Space explorer would need some Switch OFF function that stays the way it is or that its a
Special Gift or ability that is motivated to NOT GO in the outer limits of space in relational boundaries between a discipline
that when LEARNT will avoid or not do the THOUGHT hazzard in relations to , for example

A astronaut thinks the special thought = x
the resultance = x 2
this then as a multiple x cubed = Force
This force as such would have its own uncertainty of a scientifically Real force as is computed by knowledge learnt
on Earth. But would the extension of the senses to TOUCH the Earth with a thought x cubed result in the relation of
the Natural force as being activated to do its best for the biological force that maintains all life in a stable bio stasis or symbiosis
with the rest
And would the LINK made be a root x cubed as relates to the multiple F cubed in relations to a minimal 3 alterable function that relates
to the basis of Earth as a type of motivator when youre out in orbit and have some affinity with this thought as the basis of a answer back to space

If so can the dangers involve the preempted or type of Knowledgability beyond the earth itself , asthough the astronaut had smarted out its competitiion in the parameter where Earth would not know of the basis of anything beyond its function for its own maintainement and as such be
Vunerable to the x values being in a x squared + 1 = the basis of F cubed in a minimal resistance such as the reentry burnup
data on such a INTELLECTUAL LINK to
the exponential decrease in relations to exponential multiples of decreased common values for the total sum of Earth durational values so that the basic force field of earths atmosphere would have a 2 x R
basis for its root values in 1/2 root multiples of the basis in higher resistance parameters such as the r 10 x 2

In relations to this then, the basics of the radius and the quadrance sum = 180 degrees as the basics of the 4 point parameters of the basic parallellorgram formed by linking the exp points and their return lim x = 2 R
as a basic type of STABLE or Unstable construct for the basics of the the data = 1 diagonal in a delay time of Earth responses as they are or in a accellerated relation of the Astronaut that is faster than the Earth in its response time limit x as x approaches the basis of both fields about the diagonal and their implicative triangulatory SKILLS for a avoidance value

in the rhomboid placed at its vertical diagonal

as such the common value for all the exponentials is the curvature reductions of motion that implies the resistance basis of any point along the rhomboid is displaced to a function of the amount of vectorsisation = the amount of curvature
S = degree x

in which case the problem can be defined as the function of the limit on 100 % +S /x 2
or its half value durational similarity of 2 exp curves returning to theor origin by using a FORCE FIELD in its total point singularities as
so that this point force will have a non obstruct value the basics of the FEEL extension will define any particle problem in the field as 100 % /2
= 50 % or a basic
50 %/2 = 25 % value certainty for each point origin

as such the theory is then
25F2 (50%+S)x2
1250 x 2
= 2500 SF x 2
5000 SF
the basis of a S.F derived theory is based on the equations with Work done on a system
so that the basics of the 2 singularities as universes G can be utilised by a divisive S value multiple while maintaining the basis of super motivated displacement multiples as F boosts in x space x 2 singular values x S x multiples of the universes
2 / G ( S x ) F boost =8x S

2/G F boost =8

this defines the boosts as the basic high value velocity in a type root value
Vel root 2/G = 8

So that the previous formulation defines their common value

5000 x 8 SF= Vel root 2/G

4500 S = Vel 2/G


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