4 square : NASA explorer Badge

auto connect astronaut return response

basic :

4 earths displacement value S 4 : Earth Cir

for each 3 S vector displacements along the Cir

as a uncertainty of the basics :

the data on the total S as a format for interactives S 3 is the basis of the total boost of the common value sum

S3+S4= S7 / 3


as this defines the total and the opposed decelleration by the usage of the motion 4 S

the sum is now 2.3 S – R

where the R defines the divisive of a similar responsive to get it to its cause

2.3 / x = 1

the basic interactive tHEORY IS THEN 2.3 (2) S-R /x =2

4.6 S-R = 2x


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