cloud motion : steve roach

Now / Traveler (1992) is an album by the American ambient musician Steve Roach. It contains his first two albums Now (1982) and Traveler (1983) on one disc.
[edit]Track listing

I find myself outside the rim of world consciousness. The planet which has so far harboured me disappears. I am in the midst of an ocean of blazing light. The latter, I feel rather than think, is the primeval stuff out of which worlds are created, the first state of matter. It stretches away into untellable infinite space, incredibly alive.[3]

quote : Paul Brunton

”Growth Sequence” – 9:05
”Cloud Motion” – 5:15
”The Ritual Continues” – 4:47
”Comeback” – 6:00
”Inquest” – 7:00
”Worlds” – 3:20
”Mysteries Continue” – 6:04
”Light Sound” – 1:46
”Snow Canon” – 4:22
”Traveler” – 8:12
”T.B.C.” – 5:06
”Canyon Sound” – 2:58
”Time for Time” – 3:33
”Reflector” – 6:50


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