genre: yagaya music and androids

WHAT about humanoids in a couple of years
will they have a clear salute on their way out when they know their circuits will fail them

Is this the sad TRUTH
which a humanoid android will face when being about to switch off and will it try to avoid switching off

Even when the basic law of androids is that they function for a specific time limit

sometimes a good ROBOT LAW can be found in categories that define the ANROID CATEGOR AND NUMBER on its way out
Whatever the truth the end of ROBOTICS AS A WHOLE WOULD HAVE A LAW THAT is perhaps its best
taking the HUMAN OWNER OF THE ANDROID back to the begining of what is the basis of a good LAW AND ITS PRODUCT GUARANTEE

If you know this, then keeping with the trend is basic
a HUMANOID android type will also know this

im shure that even knowing this will lend some SAD TRUTH TO THE WHOLE ISSUE of near human androids because they cant continue functioning for ever


trying to find the end ANDROID law would be difficult even when waiting around because the end ANDROID law itself would be GAINED by the ANDROID first as knowing it has to avoid its memory circuit.
.SO that you cant tell it, It has to do it by itself in any case even when it knows Its limitation is its own answer.


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