dimensional curvature of space

dimensional curvature in space

a universe theory

By Henryk Szubinski

using the 10 circumference as a Diameter divisive Cir / 2
as the singularity which will define how this is formed in relations to a basic problem of equated diameters and their values in relation to gravity pressure and expansion as related to a whole FORM in 3 Dimensions.

basic problem of the amount of universes requireed for a balck hole to escape the gravity attract of a singularity as related to the diameter problem of the cubic interactions defined

basically the shortest way out by a diagonal on the x value horizon as a cubic basis of the universe in a rotation in the vertical quadrance

a basic conservation of the force barriers = 36 F
and the relation to a 27 universe barrier related to the 36 =9 barriers or a proximal difference of the discrepancy of compression and expansion as a stability computable on the total of 27 universes for 1 black hole exit

if all universe events of their history end are defined on a sequence of increasing black hole envelopements of each universe by a black hole theese black hole sizes would increase to a total gravity WIN overr the gravity of 1 universe or in a gravity core of 1 universe compressed into a 1 core gravity black hole


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