H2O types and the eco system plasma

eco system plasma

By Henryk Szubinski

videos courtesy of Youtube

Carl Sagan , Isaak Asimov and Arthur C Clarke have often said that early human intelligence was seeded from the stars
Could NaCl and H2O have been a early intelligent format of controll of intelligence

basically indications of cognitive scieence indicates that the permeability of the human cortex is reliant on Na and Cl as the internal and external saline values for a transferrance of ions in the brain dependant on synaptic and neurological LINKS to Thinking and the H2O in relation to the human bodies own SALINE control

Earth was probably a salty place in the universe as such its H2O is a valuable resource based on the programmability of H2O into types 1,2,3 by the activations of the NaCl bond

Meaning that in all probability the NaCl measure in relation to H2O could only be a format alteration by the amount of H2O in relation to the amount of NaCl

this would imply that the delicate balance of life would need much more than just water to sustain living organisms, theese organisms would also need to sustain themselves into a intelligent organism as human and capable of activation and deactivation of the NaCl absorbtions of H2O and the H2O absorbtions of NaCl as a basic conservations of the bonding in interaction with temperature alterations and the basic Earth as a sphere that goes into NaCl cryogenic sleep..
So it might be possible that early humans were settlers on Earth in relation to the activational functions of Earth Salinity and the existance of NaCl.
.as intelligent or not ,humans have the ability to use this relation of elements into types 1,2,3 H2O technology.

a waiting period for between robots and humans would be a rest at a steady state of both formats in a enthropy interaction of gravity or weight as the basics of a sphere with a Circumference taking a roll in a representation of the displacement.

basic vector fluidity with its own limitations on relations with extended volumes of H2O as the basis of circulation and the law of similar limitations by the volume NON EXTENSIONS as positive in their PLASMA type contractives of a H2O seperation while maintaining H2O (f) flow in a comparative with Plasma and its basic cooling when in close proximity of the core value signature being there already when relations with Plasma result in the hardening and basic law for H2O (f) continuiims that are seperation based on LINKS to the same values on exo plants where the Earth core signature Hardness defines the limitation in a Sigmatic while the H2O is differencial in relations between planets and the 3 /4 law of the spacetime that expands and contracts in relations to a continuiim of point specific values as their basic simulations of multiple amounts of planetary systems being sustained in the force field of Earth with its 1000000 exo planetary shadows at work in defining the non limitations of particle plasma resultances in point cores as a LINK to other exo planetary systems in a relation with Earth as a NOW core fluctuative type of force field that will sustain Earth through the specifics of exo planetary shadows which work by the sequenced amounts of problems between plasma H2O seperations between exo systems = a vector and the seperation by maintaining the need for exo related seperations on limited need

the 1/2 S divisive + 1 LINK to the seperation = positive 1/2 + 1F

So that the basics on plasma hardening will define the law as follows

LINK to CONTRACTIONS = S + gravity of core as the seperation of S + 1 / F
=the core point of gravity 2 x or x squared in a cooled state of a continuiim of points between the H2O (f ) and the solidfications of H2O (p)
at the edge of alterability of the sustainement of harder matter types and less dense fluid matter types as the 1/x value divisive for the common divisive of

1/x 1 = hardness
1/x = less dense + 1

as a relatable Circumference value the total will define the basis of a pulse force which is type 3 H2O

basically gravity eeffects the weight of sustainable H2O salinity by the ecxtra weight of NaCl and the resultance is a dissonated relation with space in a type of motion effected rotatability in the amounts specified by the gravity value

basically the greater the amount of Na Cl in a solute H2O (f) the greater will be the amount of solubility of the Na Cl as in a reduction of its atomic scale which will basically imply that to maintain a steady amount of NaCl in relations to total solubility of H2O the amount will increase upto the point where all the H2O has been used to compress the NaCl into a type H2O storage of all water on Earth.
.the basic sustainability is a type elasticity of the H2O atomic format as a retractability of its one atomic bond meaning that the dynamics will increase the amount of H2O in a solubility with NaCl as its reducability on the availability of the bond betwen Na and Cl .


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