no low down ,please: on Hawins criticals GRAND DESIGN

Critics are teraing apart the NEW BOOK by STEPHEN HAWKINS
why ?

employement reviews made by qualified workers with a clear qualification as the basis of the rewiews made to define the opposite of the lowdow on philosophy

it is becoming increasingly tedious to use philosophy based on the top levels of astrophysical research out there in space based on the real human possibilities of astronauts working more hours in outer space than they have spent working to gain their qualifications on EARTH

as a basic university concept the SOCRATEESIAN theory that to proove the disputability of a concept is to define confusion by the LINK to the WORLD OF IDEAS and then make the accertion that the problem is reduced by the INVOLVANCE of a non law on EARTH by the relations between philosophers giving Socratees a basic advantage on the universe as a whole, becuae why would anyone say thet knowledge of everything without their own validation would be a shared knowledge that was determinant after the event of another philosopher making this as the first LINK to inetarctions of thought and the universe where noone have ventured before.

Einstein Quote

a poor mans science is philosophy

basically prooves that were not going to reach MARS as a manned mission without the overself on Mars as a philosophy

Hawkins is a alien running through Earth and drawing a line between events and things
I think this is a function of quantum mechanics If you can define the law of everything like many astrophysicists have done

But to wait to be invaded and worry about the point of view of minimally quanfifiable events on Earth because noone has ventured into the greater design to make a common theory based on a new perspective like Hawins
I dont think that the race towards MARS would be delayed due to some theory that can be repeated on Mars surface as well.

the Grand design IF limited to the 1 x10 to the 100 things and events pertaining to a concise review of all the objects on Earth could be done in a minimalisation of this amount down to 1 x 10 to the 3 as a basic low down

But as a general theory that is GRAND DESIGN UNIFIED would need to be as common as one on Mars
Mars itself having perhaps upto now had a event or matter response of human influence in the 1 x 10 squared
So a basic run through like one was a alien from another planet making observations and their ANYWHERE LINKABILITY by Quantum mechanical events is a GO for Mars.
Be it a personal view or the larger universe and how it functions in regards to the larger HISTORY of the universe which would be a definition of itself in any case = deterministic.

Evolutionary biologist and advocate for atheism, Richard Dawkins, welcomed Hawking’s position and said that “Darwinism kicked God out of biology but physics remained more uncertain. Hawking is now administering the coup de grace.”[13]
Canada Press journalist, Carl Hartman, said: “Cosmologists, the people who study the entire cosmos, will want to read British physicist and mathematician Stephen Hawking’s new book. The Grand Design may sharpen appetites for answers to questions like ‘Why is there something rather than nothing?’ and ‘Why do we exist?’ — questions that have troubled thinking people at least as far back as the ancient Greeks.”[14]
James Trefil, a professor of physics at George Mason University, reviews this book for The Washington Post: “I’ve waited a long time for this book. It gets into the deepest questions of modern cosmology without a single equation. The reader will be able to get through it without bogging down in a lot of technical detail and will, I hope, have his or her appetite whetted for books with a deeper technical content. And who knows? Maybe in the end the whole multiverse idea will actually turn out to be right!”[15]
Writing in the Los Angeles Times, Michael Moorcock praised the authors: “their arguments do indeed bring us closer to seeing our world, universe and multiverse in terms that a previous generation might easily have dismissed as supernatural. This succinct, easily digested book could perhaps do with fewer dry, academic groaners, but Hawking and Mlodinow pack in a wealth of ideas and leave us with a clearer understanding of modern physics in all its invigorating complexity.”[16]
Cosmologist Dr. Lawrence Krauss, in his article “Our Spontaneous Universe”, wrote that “there are remarkable, testable arguments that provide firmer empirical evidence of the possibility that our universe arose from nothing. … If our universe arose spontaneously from nothing at all, one might predict that its total energy should be zero. And when we measure the total energy of the universe, which could have been anything, the answer turns out to be the only one consistent with this possibility. Coincidence? Maybe. But data like this coming in from our revolutionary new tools promise to turn much of what is now metaphysics into physics. Whether God survives is anyone’s guess.”[17]
German daily Süddeutsche Zeitung spent the whole opening page of its culture section on The Grand Design. CERN physicist and novelist Ralf Bönt reviews the history of the Theory of everything from the 18th century to M-theory, and takes Hawking’s conclusion on God’s existence as a very good joke which he obviously welcomes very much.[18]


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