black hole theory :strings and SPINDLES

black holes and examples of SPINDLES
as a theory of Black hole event horizons

by Henryk Szubinski

frontal polygons and reverse side polygons

the depth of the visual identifications of the level dimensionality beyond the 1/2 visability of the form outline as based on a decreased volume value linked to the remaining volume data on solidity

increases of STRINGS into a waveform = higher strength force in a multiple STRING curvature waveforming in combined types

the background of the remaining volume behind a 3 D format outline as a vector parallell similar to the one visable behind a outline of the total gravity values in relative differences of

The STRINGS are twisted together, in the opposite direction than that in which they were ROTATED

as basic x values
the difference of

x + 1/ x

When just the right amount of ROTATION is added, this creates a STABLE MATERIAL STRING VALUE ROTATION , which is a STRING MATTER FORM with no tendency to ROTATE upon itself. Almost all UNIVERSE STRINGS are gravity interactive MATTER FASE STRING components of a atom type
are unified

as the value for gravity

x + 1 / x =g waveform

A two STRING is thus a matter component STRING combined from two MATTER ATOMIC so that a six level atom multiple will have 6 atoms in a fore and background value = the interactive 4 atoms

is 1/4 (5/6) as the difference of space between them in the foreshortening of a infinite lim x = 1

a basic 60 waveform value for the frequency of the vole volume solid basis or its lower density basis solidity


one from six strands, and so on. Most commercial yarns are more than a two ply. Embroidery floss is generally a six ply yarn, for example.
The creation of two-ply yarn requires two separate spools of singles and either a lazy kate or something

which will alternate in and outof the type of gravity value as highly opposed or the basic

lim x = the 1 as x approaches infinity on the background form x / F = 1

where the f can be defined as a Tan 1 = 1 / F

to hold rotatable atom types in spools the matter force that maintains the outer and inner atom polar frontality must be gravity stable

. On a wheel, two atom String vectors into the horizon
is defined as by taking two spools of single atom types
placing them on a lazy kate, tying the ends together onto the spool attached to the wheel,
meaning ech side will take up the slack while in a multiple rotation of the spool and the atom on its rotating STRING

much like a black hole

and its opposed rotationality of the basic form solid as relates to relative sizes of atoms and the outline form and its background values

as a total 4 x
= a specific type of atom in rotation

and spinning the wheel in the opposite direction that the singles were spun in while also feeding it onto the spool on the wheel
meaning that the rotation into opposite vectors will rotate into a tightening of the total spool of string

On a drop spindle, two-ply is created by placing the spools on a lazy kate, tying the ends together onto the drop spindle as a basic gravity effect on the rotation in both vector directions

meaning that prior to the ouline and the spool being wound up, the resultance would go through less than one rotation while the whole
would be a example of a spindle and its ouline

the question is:

would there be a spindle sequence of atoms in a vector solid around the outline and around the basis of 1 /x = cir

where the 1 / x would rotate for ever or its rotation be stopped or decellerated
into a lim x = 1 as x approaches infinity

in the back ground with a compensative delay of motion = to the total field continuiim of the closest proximity of 2 related events so that the

minimal difference = the force of the rotation behind the outline

holding equal lengths of singles together and dropping the spindle.

the background vector spindle would waveform in and out of the lim x value into a minimal interaction with the type particle that would have its frontal projective polarity in rotation = to the atom behind it as a minimal atom counterpart of a electron that displaces to the prime outline and its prime background

The weight of the drop spindle combined with the twist in the singles, causes the drop spindle to turn in the opposite direction that the singles were twisted in until the two singles are plied together. meaning that the lim Cir 1/x = the amount of rotation against each other into a equality field of the electron being the multiple rotative force that will unwind and wind into 2 opposed rotations with the basics being the Cirumference in a broken symmetry


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