flying car: design specifics

flying car

By Henryk Szubinski

many sci fi reality depends on vector multiples so that a projective start like this one will basically develop from the feel of the vectors as sections that have to be combined to get a derived NEW BUT REAL value

So that this project defines all of theese sections of a work through that is in resultance to the basic singular values made into a basic parameter in functioning basic vectors that will interact with but also replace the prime multiple vectors .

levels 4 will simultae pressure solidity
meaning that when iron fillings are involved in the pressure space or volume of the sections 1,2,3
the magnetic effect can simulate hardness as a exteriorised magnetic field insulation in interactions with the solid alterability of all levels as megnetically opposed

basically to alter a magnetic field into solidity without loss of magnetism or Fe used in the magnetic solids will be a transformation of the increased gap between solid Fe and the magnetic field.
.resultance is a incresed gap between the solid and fluid states of the magnetism as a reduced gravity


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