TAO astronaut : the GI way


By Henryk Szubinski.

many sci fi stories and movies are based on the qonquest of space
what this means in general terms is the conquest of space as a resource of the planets and usable star matter in technology
but there is a problem as relates to the reasons for a exit scenario of a spaceship that is decisively controlled by the motivation to set out to conquer respources or to conquer the available space that is a basis of the displacement made as a costly effort

So 2 basic questions are posed the future of space conquest
Will it be for money or will it be for space or surface availability of planetary systems in exo solar systems.

Many would argue that a voyage of 31 years in space would be a test of the mental stability of the whole crews mission priorities as the wager against a mission maintainement for money

Others might argue that the 31 years should be spent on the space availbility on the spaceships deck

So to make the problem a bit easier the problems of a old empirical system on one side as opposed to the alternate empirical scale, the problem of the resultance of 10 000 thought in a sequence of astronaut experience might seem like a space Illness so that one of the crew that is adverely effected by such dellireum will be put back into cryogenic freeze.

Gi in Zen means 31 years by 1 thought
to reverse Gi = IG
or to lift a flower and smile instead

the discrepancy = surface or value

instead of LAND or MONEY

defines there is a alternate way = TAO as no choice between LAND &/or MONEY

much about scif i from Japan

Science fiction in Japan is an important subgenre of modern Japanese literature that has strongly influenced aspects of contemporary Japanese pop culture, including anime, manga, video games and tokusatsu.

as the basic character sketch of all scifi heroes , the immovability of startegy remains in the stories

tao as a example of how a biological organism like a flower can remain unharmed by the ecological problems as they are today on EARTH

of BIOLOGICAL HUMAN ORGANISMS within the bodies own immunity and defence against biological problems on the WHOLE as Earth = a biological organism


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