Blue Force Fluid


By Henryk Szubinski

the basic law that defines a sphere of force in a specific amount of Cir x so that the total can be used to locate the Cir weakness in a sectioned orrder of Cir values in which the positionality of such weak force can be used to boost the force parameter and controll its resultance from one into the other

This implies that the force can be collected as a fluid type H2O 3 = plasma in cobalt type resourceings of a force fluid which will define the vector sigularity in the basis of the prime amount of Force weakness located in a force sphere and how its was BENT into a responsive capture of blue force fluid.

basic to a planet of H2O in its states as Earth will define the H2O (f) similarity in which the basis of the values that were present and active in the causative of flow or waves buoyancy and matter fases in motion will continue as such untill the system returns to a stable state by the blue spectrum H2O type fluid
shown here is a the same active motion in compensation of a conserved amount of spherical buiyancy in H2O (f)


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